We are proud to announce that we are now offering white labelling on all our CBD products. We at Liquid Creations strive for quality and aim to provide you with the vaping experience you deserve. We don’t cut corners and we don’t settle for anything less than the best.

The process is as follows:

1. Pick your flavours
2. We design Labels & Packaging or you can supply us these
3. Approve Artwork for Print & Agree Flavours
4. Receive your White Label E Liquid Manufactured in the UK

Our CBD white labelling is available at any size, any strength.

Minimum Order Quantity – 100 Bottles

Over the last few years vaping has become the most popular alternative to help people give up smoking. There has been plenty of research done by the FDA, Scientists and Doctors, who have found several benefits to vape over smoking regular cigarettes. You can still get your dose of nicotine with e-cigarettes while having many health benefits over traditional smoking, these include


Getting Rid Of Bad Odor, Tooth Stains And Yellowed Skin

You can eliminate the bad odor of classic tobacco cigarettes with vaping. The cigarette’s smoke chemicals and tobacco scent is very potent and remains persistent in your lungs, breath, and clothes.

Every smoker knows that these chemicals are bad for their health, damage the lungs, ages the skin, stains the fingers and interferes with the optimal blood circulation. Their smell is very persistent and remains so in the smoker’s environment for a long time.

The burning of tar, nicotine, and other chemicals makes these substances cling to just about everything leaving a pungent and unpleasant smell long after the smoker has put out their cigarette.

Unlike the traditional burning of chemicals through burning and smoking, the e-cigarettes function with vapors that are inhaled, leaving little to no smell at all. The vapors dissipate into the air quickly, their scent fading either entirely and quick after using them or leaves an almost nonexistent scent of pleasant aromas that fade quickly. They smell a lot better, and their odors are non-persistent.

Saving You Money

A regular smoker will normally buy a pack of cigarettes a day, which costs about £9. That’s £63 a week and around £252 a month. A good vape kit will cost about £30 and will last much much longer. E-liquid will also last much longer than cigarettes and are significantly cheaper in the long run.

Vape Pens are also more likely to decrease in price in the future, further saving you more money.

Improving Your Health, Lung Functions, And Breathing

Regular cigarettes contain many chemicals that are very harmful to your health and body functions. Research shows that they can cause cancer, circulation problems, heart stroke, pneumonia, etc. Customers report feeling better after switching to vaping. Studies have concluded that vaping is a lot safer and not as harmful as cigarettes.


More Variety 

E-cigarettes have many different models and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This means you can pick one that suits your style and budget. E-cigarettes can also be smoked almost anywhere, while regular cigarettes are forbidden or illegal in a lot of places as they can be harmful to others around you.

Get Rid Of Lighters, Ashtrays, Hot Cherry, Open Flame, And Fire Hazards

Vaping is much safer than regular smoking for not just you, but the people around you, as there is no flames involved, meaning no chance of a fire hazard. You can also safely get rid of any ashtrays and lighters that you may have has.

Vaping products encompass so many brands it is impossible to keep track of them all. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. We have streamlined all your vaping needs by giving multiple vape suppliers a platform to showcase our various products. As a buyer, Liquid Creations Ltd ensures that you find the products you are looking for with just a few search words. If you are a buyer and looking for a reason to use our site, here are a couple of them;

Product Variety From Wholesale Vaping Supplies
Liquid Creations Ltd hosts a wide variety of wholesale vape brands. This means that there are many different e-liquid brands to choose from, giving you the opportunity to get different brands, giving your own vape shop the variety your competitors cannot have as we offer white labelling to everyone. The great number of products means that you get to find the exact one you are looking for.

Direct Communication with Wholesale Vaping Supplies
We can directly communicate with our customers through email, phone, our website and store drop-ins if there is a need for any clarifications about any of our products. This enables you to make enquiries and receive responses and enjoy quality pre sales support. You can discuss the quality of the product and any other features that may not be listed in the product description. This ensures that you get to enjoy personalized negotiation responses that helps us to create relationship between us and our customers before a purchase is even made.

Access to Cheaper Vape Products from Hundreds of Wholesale Vaping Supplies
The presence of many different e-liquid brands on our Liquid Creations Ltd site means that there are so many differing factors that will separate us from another supplier. The greatest difference between suppliers is usually price. With thousands of vendors offering the same products, the price is bound to differ from one supplier to the other. This existence of competitive prices means that as a buyer you get to buy the same products at prices lower than the ones you get from your usual supplier.

Refined Search Options For Finding Wholesale Vaping Supplies
For those looking for a specific product, the search box allows you to specify the brand or product you may be looking for. You can further refine the product by defining the size, composition or even the specific vendor you are looking for. This saves you time and allows you to select the specific product you may be looking for without spending too much browsing through thousands of products if you wish to.

Easy Access to New Vape Products From Wholesale Vaping Supplies
There are new vape products being launched every other day and some of the products go unnoticed for months. Liquid Creations Ltd features and stocks many different brands who in turn have various products and with each new product getting launched the site will host the advertisement, and you get to see every new product as it comes into the market.

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Liquid Creations Ltd offers you multiple different of wholesale vape brands to choose from. While this is a great thing, it also brings up the question on how to pick out the best brand and product from the lot. Getting the best deal requires that you spend a bit of time shopping around. This involves intensive negotiations so that you can get the best deal of all.
Negotiating skills are important as they allow you to get value for money while also developing a great relationship that will be beneficial to both parties in the long term. The following are some negotiating skills that you may find beneficial when trying to obtain the greatest product.

Inquire from Multiple Wholesale Vape Suppliers
Once you have identified the product(s) you would like to obtain, it is time to find the suppliers. A brand will definitely have different suppliers as long as it is not custom made. Identify the suppliers and send quotes to the suppliers. The different companies will send their offer prices and use this to consider which companies to deal with further. However, always check for the company whose price and determine the margin. If it is too low, you may need to question the quality of the product.

Sell Yourself to Wholesale Vape Suppliers
When you get in communication with the seller, it is of importance to understand that they are in business to sell large volumes so as to maximize profits. Selling yourself as a serious buyer requires that you efficiently communicate that you are in the market to purchase in bulk. This promise will have the seller listen to your needs more carefully so that you can come to a great deal. However, always ensure that you do not overly exaggerate your purchasing power. If you plan on being a repeat customer, relay this information to ensure that you get the supplier to give you a better deal and pre sales customer service.

Price Negotiations With Wholesale Vape Suppliers
It is an unspoken rule that you never accept the first offer that you get. This is because there is always wiggle room when it comes to wholesale suppliers. Having done your research on the prices from other suppliers, use this information to get a better customized price that will ensure you save a bit of money. However, a very low price should always be suspicious because some suppliers will have low quality replicas that will definitely be cheaper. The first price should be discussed but if it falls too low, you need to ask more questions regarding the product specifications and quality of ingredients.

Other Benefits
Sometimes price is not the only way to save money. There are other factors to consider when making purchases. You can ask for more comprehensive warranties and longer payment plans. Getting the extra benefits may end up saving you more money than just getting the basic cheap prices. Faster delivery at no extra cost will be beneficial and discounts for early payments will have a longer impact. Some companies may offer cheaper prices for the products but end up having rigid payment plans and high penalties. Always check on the policies regarding other factors in addition to price to ensure that you get the best overall deals.

Pay Larger Deposits to Wholesale Vape Suppliers
When making sales, most suppliers always deal with buyers making minimal deposits for purchases. This has led to some suppliers offering discounts for making larger deposits. Making a 50% or 70% deposit may have the supplier offering you a discount. Always inquire about this from the supplier to ensure that you get the most of it. While it may cost more initially, you get to save on the total amount once you finish paying up.

Deal with a Single Vape Supplier
Dealing with a single supplier may sometimes end up being in your best interest. This is because the single supplier will give you customized deals and your continued relationship will have them giving you a heads up on the best deals. This also ensures that you have a sense of predictability which will save you on costs related to the unexpected events that may be due to dealing with a new and relatively unknown supplier. Dealing with a single supplier will also ensure that you can predict delivery timelines and the costs associated. This helps you determine when to make orders and the fast processing ensures that you do not have a period in time without product in your store.

Be a Great Client
Getting a great deal benefits you and the supplier simultaneously. For this reason, do not be so selfish in your dealings that you end up making the supplier regret dealing with you. Once you get the deal that sounds right for you, always ensure that you hold up to your end of the bargain. Always ensure that you have the deposit readily on hand so that the supplier always knows that you are ready to get the deal going. When it comes to making payments, ensure that you pay up without requiring multiple reminders as this will have the supplier ready to cut off ties at any point in time.

Communication With Wholesale Vape Suppliers
When reaching out to the supplier, communication is of key importance. Always ensure that your requests are clear and even if you seem to have any miscommunication make sure that you never lose your cool or temper to ensure that you keep things cordial. How you express yourself will help you develop a great relationship with the supplier as there will be no room for misinterpretations. Always ensure that you make your inquiries and communication comes across professional to reap the benefits of great deals.

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Liquid Creations Ltd is a site that hosts many vape products brands. This makes for the greatest platform as it eliminates the need of trying to get individual websites to get to suppliers. Our site lets you shop around to find the product and service you need without too much hassle. However, not all brands can be rated the same, as some are better than others. The slightest of differences place one company over another, and this ends up making one company better.
To ensure that you have the best product and/or supplier, there are a few things you should always pay attention to:

Company Profile Of Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers
First appearances always matter no matter what it may be for. This is the same when it comes to our company profile. A company profile that has all the details filled in with clarity and creative ingenuity. From the provision of the company logo and banner image, to the well edited and written company biography. The provision of a secondary website and a phone number goes a long way.

List of Products Offered By Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers
Every company has a list of vape products offered. Each product will have a detailed product description that will have you better understand the product before making a decision. While the number of products offered may show diversity of services, always check if the product descriptions have been carefully composed for each product.
While checking out the products, it is also of great importance to find more information regarding the product. Third party reviews also go a long way in helping you to determine the quality of the product on hand. Just browse through various products and then find reviews that rate the products. While there may be mixed reviews about the products, it is always a good sign when the majority of the reviews are positive.

Response Rate From Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers
When making inquiries about the various products to the suppliers, it is important to check the response rate. Companies with great reviews always respond to inquiries promptly, depending on the time of day. If you send an inquiry in the morning and get a response days later, this is a great indicator that the company will be a hassle to deal with. A company that replies promptly to inquiries with tremendous clarity and respect make for great suppliers.

Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers Prices
Sending multiple enquiries allows you to find the supplier with the best price. With the product standard and quality being the same, the company with the best price will be the best one for you. Always ensure that you confirm the price by ensuring the product details are accurate to avoid any conflicts later.

Post Sale Support Offered By Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers
Some companies are notorious for being ruthless just to make a sale and later on proving to be of no help at all if the buyer reaches out with inquiries later. There are always unforeseen events that complicate the sale. This may be damage to the product during transportation or the buyer needing more information regarding the purchase. The best companies offer the best post sale services and will be ready to offer information and help to the buyer. This dedication to customer satisfaction makes the difference between the sales sharks who are just in it for money and those who believe in creating a relationship with the customer for long term benefits as well.
While you may not be sure of the post sale service just yet, the response rate and the willingness and patience to answer your product related questions is a good way to judge a company. While this may not be true 100% of the time, for the most part the communication before sales will be generally the same even after the sale has been made.

Purchase Protection Offered By Best Vape Wholesale Suppliers
Accidents happen even to the most careful of people. When it comes to goods in transit, there are all sorts of accidents that may befall the package. Sometimes the package gets lost in transit. Some companies approach this as the buyer’s problem, so it may be safe to get the supplier to clarify the way forward when it comes to such unfortunate incidents. The best companies usually have a refund policy on hand or even a product replacement policy. Being aware of the company buyer protection policy ensures that you do not get the short end of the stick in cases like these.
The determination of the best supplier rests entirely in your hands. While doing thorough research may seem time consuming, it allows you to make a decision solely based on facts and the experiences of other buyers. This may take a bit of time but it protects you from shady deals and also getting stuck with products that offer no value all because the price tag was a bit more attractive than the rest.
Getting your value for money involves more than just picking the cheapest item off the shelf to maximize your own profits. Always ensure that you check the fine print when it comes to deals as you may end up spending way less and the whole deal causing large costs in the long term on your end.

Liquid Creations Ltd gives you the chance to cut the time spent researching by placing lots of different brands at your reach. This gives you access to the various products and suppliers while the advertising panel alerts you to the deals offered.

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