White Label CBD & CBD Manufacturer UK

We are the UK’s & Europes premier CBD Manufacturer offering White Label CBD in your Own Private Label Brand or Wholesale CBD in our CBD Embrace Brand to clients in the UK, Ireland & across Europe. We manufacture the finest quality CBD products made from American CBD which is grown on Organic Hemp Farms in the USA and then imported to our UK facility. We manufacturer all of our amazing CBD products to the finest standards in our world class IS0 9001 Laboratories, to GMP standards.

Our White Label CBD products are available to clients in the UK, Europe and USA.

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What is White Label CBD?

White label CBD is the process of getting your own CBD Brand without having to manufacture it yourself, this oliviates the stress of product manufacturing and the expensive process of having to procure equipment and facilities to manufacturer the products. This allows you to establish your brand quite quickly and essentially all you would need is your logo and product selection to move forward.

So for example if you wanted to establish your own White Label CBD brand called Joe’s CBD, all you need to do is get in contact, choose your products, supply your logo or design and we can do the rest to bring your product to reality as a fully finished product which is worthy of putting onto the shelf.

What does White Label CBD include?

All of our our White Label CBD products include manufacturing, filling, label printing and label application and our CBD Manufacturing services, are available to clients in the UK and Europe. For example for White Label CBD Oils after you have placed the order you can supply your design or we can complete the design for you, while we are finalising the design out production team will manufacture your products to your specific.

What is White Label?

White Label Products are often used for mass produced products including health and beauty products, food supplements, electronics and various other consumer products. Some companies have a sub brand for their goods but these could be exclusive to specific stores, for example Bush & Goodmans who are the same company and share the same products but in different brands. The difference is that Bush is exclusive to Argos wheras the Goodmans brand is available from various retailers such as Tesco and B&M the branding, logos and packaging are different but the products are still essentially the same.

For example our own products, we have formulas for a massive range of White Label CBD products which we have developed over the past 5 years, and we can provide you our products in your own brand using our tried and tested award winning formulas. So if your looking for White Label CBD Gummies, CBD Oil, CBD Vape or even CBD Tea or Coffee, we can supply these in your brand with your own Label.

So for example if you were in the market for White Label product you can generally create a new Brand essentially overnight as you don’t need to go to the hassle of manufacturing the product yourself.

How to Start your own White Label Brand?

So how do you start your own Brand you ask? Well in theory it is quite easy simply find the right supplier, get a product catalogue, agree pricing and quantities required, pay your pro forma or deposit and then supply the designs to your White Label provider, they will then work there magic, produce your items, in your brand with your label and design applied and it is as simple as that.

Finding the right White Label CBD Supplier?

Finding a White Label CBD provider often seems like a duanting task but it is generally easier than you think just look online, find a supplier that really stands out, make sure that they have good reviews, get their catalogue and see if the products suit you. Good thing is that we have a massive CBD product range couple with 5 star reviews for our products and CBD Manufacturing Service.