Sour Peach – Candy Co – 40ml (4 x 10ml)

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🍑Sour Peach🍑


Candy Co is the new flagship range brought to you be Liquid Creations. Candy Co is a High VG (70/30) Premium E-Liquid, created using only the finest USA flavorings. With a wide range of 8 flavors such as:
  • 🍏Apple Rancher🍏 – Fruity Apple Hard Candy with a Fizzy Exhale.
  • 🍇Grape Soda🍇 – Tantalize your taste buds with a Grape Soda, a sweet inhale of grape with a fizzy exhale.
  • 🍰Strawberry Cheesecake🍰 – This juice makes for a lightly creamy and sweet delight.
  • 🍑Sour Peach🍑 – Sweet Peach that packs a sour punch.
  • 🍐Sour Pear Dropz🍐 – Delightful Pear with a sour exhale.
  • 🍓Sour Strawberry an Kiwi🥝 – Sour Strawberry with hints of fresh kiwi.
  • ❄Cool Black Current❄ – Black Current with a cool blast of ice.
  • ❄Cool Raspberry❄ –  Ice cold raspberry that brings a sweet breeze.

Candy Co is quickly becoming one of the UK’s top sellers and is making waves in the vaping community for its High Quality and Gourmet Taste.

All Flavours are TPD Complaint.

Package Contents:

4 x 10ml Candy Co

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Candy Co


40ml (4 x 10ml)




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